A System For Evaluating Emergency Response Capabilities At a University Sporting Venue

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Human Performance and Recreation

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Nancy Magee Speed

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Human Performance and Recreation


Knowing that exercises are a valuable tool for sporting venues in their training repertoire, the first purpose of this study was to implement a tabletop exercise at a Division I-A collegiate institution to evaluate the current emergency response plan. A second purpose of the study was to highlight deficiencies, areas of concern, and ideas for improvement in the current emergency response plan and to make recommendations for policy and procedure changes as well as identify the party responsible for any such changes. Lastly, emergency responders were asked to answer twenty true/false and multiple choice questions from the NFA's Q534: Emergency Response to Terror course final exam to allow for analysis of any differences in the number of correct answers by agency affiliation and total number of exercises attended within the last year. The researcher found that participants in the tabletop exercise rated themselves as having a significantly higher level of awareness and perception regarding emergency response at this institution's home football games in the post-test than in the pre-test. Additional results from the tabletop exercise included the identification of areas of concern, primarily communication, and recommendations for improvement as well as naming who should carry out any such plans. In the final piece of research, there was not a significant difference in correct answers given by emergency responders based on agency affiliation and training attendance.