A New Algorithm for Turbulent Flow Visualization in a Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Benjamin R. Seyfarth

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This dissertation begins with a brief background of some of the different visualization techniques and approaches to modeling sediment transport in turbulent flow vector fields. A new physical model for sediment transport is derived as well as new 3D immersive visualization software. Our new physical model and visualization system provides a novel scientist-interactive environment for studying problems of interest in the area of sediment transport within turbulent flows. Three sample problems are studied using the new system with graphical results and explanations. The system is designed to study turbulent flow problems as a function of time and boundary conditions. Domain tessellations are used to incorporate a boundary collision detection algorithm in order to effect particle/bottom surface interactions. The results can be used for model validation, forecasting, and for supporting new scientific conclusions concerning particular problems. The immersive 3D software provides scientists with a new tool for studying model results in a Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment.