Jack Stamp: A biographical sketch and analysis of Symphony No. 1---"In Memoriam David Diamond"

Dawn Anna Perry


The purpose of this research was to provide information about Jack Stamp as a prominent composer of wind band literature, with a focus on his compositional techniques. An analysis of Symphony No. 1 - " In Memoriam David Diamond " illustrated Stamp's varying compositional styles from lyrical to highly contrapuntal with syncopation, changing meters, modal and extended harmonies, and colorful use of percussion--characteristics found in his works at all ability levels. An interview with the composer documented his compositional influences, his thoughts on wind band literature, conducting, and specific techniques employed in Symphony No. 1. To date Stamp has published over 50 works primarily for band, but also for orchestra, percussion ensemble and chamber ensembles. This information serves as a resource for conductors interested in teaching and performing his music.