The relationship between readability level of Mississippi's middle schools' websites and seventh grade language arts MCT2 scores

Anna Marlene Graves Pickard


Today's educators face the unprecedented challenge of increasing achievement for all students. One response has been to increase and improve parent involvement and school-to-home communication through the use of school websites. The quantitative section of this study analyzed the readability grade level of the website as it relates to state test scores. For the qualitative section of the study, a sample of middle school principals' levels of interest and involvement with parents through the website and other methods of communication for student achievement were examined through the use of principal interviews. Seventh grade Language Arts MCT2 scores from 205 Mississippi middle schools were examined to determine if they were related to the readability grade level of middle schools' websites. A Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze the data, and no relationship was found between student achievement and readability of websites. Principal interview data indicated that all principals in the study were heavily involved with parents through the use of middle school websites and other methods of communication. The most important common method of communication was password protected links for parental viewing of grades and other class information. Data used in the study led to the assumption that principals' levels of involvement with parents are related to student achievement.