The Relation Between Parenting Styles and Attributional Styles Across Generations

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Bradley A. Green

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The present study sought to establish a transgenerational relation of attributional style across generations as mediated by parenting style characteristics. The main purpose of the present study was to examine the stability of attributional styles across three generations, the consistency of parenting styles across two generations, and the relation between attributional styles and parenting styles across two generations. Further, analyzing three generations may provide information as to which transgenerational variables (i.e., grandparent parenting style, parent parenting style, grandparent attributional style, or parent attributional style) explained the most variance when predicting the child's attributional style. Participants were 110 grandparent-parent-child triads. Results indicated that attributional style characteristics and parenting style characteristics were interrelated both across and within generations. Further, the ASM and ASM-C related to the ASQ and instruments of psychological distress, indicating evidence of validity.