Houston Police Department Member's Satisfaction and Commitment With Union Representation by the HPOU

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Criminal Justice

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Dennis Stevens

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Criminal Justice


The purpose of this study is to assess the level of member satisfaction with union representation of members of the Houston Police Department's Police Officer Union (HPOU). It (1) addresses satisfaction by identifying global and facet variables that indicate satisfaction and the relationship between them, (2) measures commitment by identifying variables that indicate commitment and the relationship between them, (3) attempts to predict facet and global satisfaction models by regression over diverse independent variables, (4) attempts to predict union commitment models over diverse independent variables, (5) compares demographic and independent variables with union activities to gauge the predictability of the relationships. Using an electronic survey completed by members of Houston Police Officer's Union to collect the data, six hypothesis were evaluated using either, ANOVA, Students t testing, multiple regression or Pearson product-moment (Pearson r) correlation coefficient analysis. Appropriate statistical analysis was conducted to determine significant relationships between the variables and build useful models to predict satisfaction and commitment for the union. The findings indicated that satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction with union representation can be predicted within the confines of the membership at the HPOU based on independent variables split by the demographic characteristics of the diverse member population. Based on the data collected and related literature, several conclusions of a practical nature were made. Findings included the reliance of union members for the representation in "bread and butter" issues. Further, it was found that members at HPD maintained a "dual" commitment to the union and the department and that participation was not a predictor of union satisfaction or commitment to the union.