Outsourcing the American dream: An analysis of the re-employment potential of U.S.-based call center workers within the context of globalization

Wendell Allen Robbins III


This study examines call center workers in order to determine the effects of globalization on this class of service sector workers and to determine their reemployment potential. A major component of globalization is free trade, which enables offshore outsourcing (offshoring). Outsourcing often has the "Robin Hood" effect of taking jobs from rich countries and sending them abroad in a cost-saving effort, further, the competition of the global market has the capability of upsetting the current social and economic stability and prosperity. While this improves the quality of life for those in the poor country whose economy has developed as a result of global job sourcing, research is lacking on the effect that any downward pressure has on employees left displaced in the United States because their jobs were outsourced abroad. This study addressed this void by studying the labor migration of call center workers before, during, and after working in call centers in order to determine the reemployment potential of these call center workers within the context of globalization.