The merit of intensive leadership development programs on building-level administrators' sustainability

Sonja Jean Robertson


With recent research identifying the propensity and ability of principals to lead as a key culprit of school and district failure, it would seem that one of the most reasonable steps should be to better determine how effective specially designed leadership development programs in the area of educational leadership are at not only equipping principals and school-based leaders, but at creating a foundation and a prevailing culture for longevity or sustainability in those positions. If the development of principals and other school-based leaders is vital to the improvement of schools, the effectiveness of the measures implemented to bring about that improvement has to be examined. Whether those measures are designed with the purpose of increasing leadership capacity via the retention or sustainability of principals, which could result in a positive effect on the achievement of students or by reforming systems of recruitment and induction within the organization, a greater effort is needed to keep effective principals in those positions where increased student outcomes are manifested.