A study of the leadership code and employee engagement

Richard James Stewart


Ulrich, Smallwood and Sweetman's (2008) leadership code presents a synthesized approach to developing individual leadership ability and forms part of the base for organizational leadership capability. Employee engagement research indicates that effective leaders consider employee engagement as one of their primary focuses (Weichun, Avolio, & Walumbwa, 2009). While studies of employee engagement and leadership approaches are plentiful in the research world, no research on the leadership code and its relationship to employee engagement can be found. Therefore, research to identify a relationship between the leadership code and employee engagement can provide a much needed advancement in the body of leadership research. This cross sectional exploratory study explored the relationship between the leadership code and employee engagement at a Native American casino in the Southeastern United States. Any relationships identified between the five leadership code domains and employee engagement was insignificant. Additional studies should focus on additional study designs to further examine the relationship between the constructs of the leadership code, as defined by Ulrich, Smallwood and Sweetman (2008), and employee engagement, as defined by Schaufeli and Bakker (2004).