The effects of strategic modeling on the development of dispositions in preservice teachers

Janet Susan Boyce


The purpose of this study was to determine whether the professional dispositions of preservice teachers could be developed through explicit instruction during a teacher education program. The use of the Strategic Modeling Protocol (SMP) consisted of ten weeks of short segmented intervention prior to the beginning of each class session. The first step of SMP focused on discussions of dispositional related topics. The participants, 45 preservice teachers in their second semester of a teacher education program, also practiced applying the principles outside the classroom, which served as the second step of SMP, and prepared reflections on their experiences as the third and final stage of SMP. Although the strategic modeling did not result in a significant difference for the experimental group, it is important to note that both groups did show a significant difference in their dispositions as evidenced by all three measures used in this study (Perceptional Rating Scale, Professional Performance Student Self-Assessment and Review, and the Preservice Teacher Disposition Survey) .