Response Outcomes of Low Achieving Students and Students With Learning Disabilities

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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D. Joe Olmi

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Response-To-Intervention (RTI) has emerged as a viable, research based alternative to the IQ-Achievement (IQ-A) model for identifying students with learning disabilities. This study compared the treatment effects of a reading intervention package on low achieving (LA) students to students with learning disabilities (LD) as identified by an IQ-A discrepancy. Six, 3rd-grade students were screened and placed into dyads consisting of one student classified as LD and one student categorized as LA. The findings of this study were inconclusive in evidencing either LA or LD students as consistently increasing reading fluency at a greater rate than members of their respective dyad when an empirically supported reading intervention was implemented. The research study is consistent with previous literature suggesting that no uniform and meaningful difference exists between students identified as LA or LD.