Do at-risk students benefit when NovaNET is used for credit recovery?

Rebecca Lynn Volkerding


The purpose of this study was to determine if it is effective and appropriate to place all students needing credit recovery in computer-based classes regardless of age, risk ratio, and their previous failing grade. Driven by the NCLB mandate for schools to produce greater gains and graduate all students in 4.5 years, districts are now using online credit recovery programs to help at-risk students gain promotion and put students back on-track for graduation without placing these students back in the traditional classroom setting where they failed the class the first time. Although there is an adequate knowledge base about the impact of technology on student outcomes, there are still several areas where the decision-making process is hampered due to scant knowledge on how to effectively implement educational technology. Numerous school districts in the country have implemented NovaNET as the primary tool for online credit recovery and this study specifically looks at this program and its effectiveness for credit recovery with at-risk youth.