A model of an effective approach to studio voice at the undergraduate level: The vocal method of Dr. Raquel Cortina

Kathleen Gorman Westfall


In her forty years of teaching voice at the college level at the University of New Orleans, Dr. Raquel Cortina has developed a method and process of teaching that yields exemplary results in her students. This study will provide a detailed description of her methods, her process of teaching, and the way she communicates information to her students. It will also provide a model for teachers of classical voice at the undergraduate level. The aspects of her method included in this study are limited to breath and support, resonance, issues with register, articulation, and musicality. A context of Cortina's methods within the world of vocal pedagogy will be included throughout the document as her methods of teaching are explained. The appendix includes a written transcript of an interview with former students of Cortina's who discuss Cortina's methods, her effectiveness as a teacher and her pedagogical beliefs.