Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers' perceptions of kindergarten readiness

Joshua Aaron Bressler


The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a difference in perception between pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers on kindergarten readiness. In addition, this study sought to find out if there was any difference in PEAK assessment scores between those students who attended pre-kindergarten versus those students who did not attend pre-kindergarten. The instruments used for this research were the Pascagoula Early Assessment for Kindergarten (PEAK) scores and the Kindergarten Readiness Questionnaire . The PEAK scores measured students. readiness by assessing their knowledge on language, writing communication, math, and fine motor development from the onset upon entering kindergarten. The Kindergarten Readiness Questionnaire contained 42 questions. Of these 42 questions, five were demographic and the remaining questions were based on a 5-point Likert scale to determine the perceptions between pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers. The PEAK scores and the questionnaire results were analyzed by calculating the means, standard deviations, and independent samples t-test. There were also some ancillary findings on how pre-kindergarten correlated with testing proficient. These data were analyzed by calculating a chi-square test.