About Aquila

Aquila is an open access digital repository containing scholarly works created by The University of Southern Mississippi faculty, staff, and students. Aquila, which is named for the constellation of the eagle, also hosts digital journals and newsletters published by the University, as well as information, resources, and recordings from events hosted by the University. Most submissions to Aquila have open access availability and are indexed, making them highly discoverable through internet search engines, such as Google, thereby extending the University’s scholarly output to a wider audience.

All faculty are invited to submit their publications for inclusion in Aquila, however a permissions letter from the copyright owner is required for any publications that are not open access. For further information on submission procedures, see our Permissions page and our Author FAQ.

Aquila is administered by the University Libraries. For more information, contact:

Josh Cromwell () – 601.266.6200
Jennie Vance () – 601.266.6390