2023 Children's Book Festival Prerecorded Sessions

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Library and Information Science


Check Your Bias at the Door This program will investigate the inherent biases surrounding the publishing and reviews in children's literature. Attendees will be asked to examine their part in restricting access to information for the patrons they serve. The group will discuss how they can actively lessen the influences of bias in their collection development. Bias is part of everyday life and most of us blissfully spend our days ignorant of how our own internal biases influence our professional decisions. As librarians, we are trained and indoctrinated to order from known publishers as a means of quality control. Most of us have Collection Development policies that require two or three professional reviews or inclusion on a Notable booklist.

How then do we practice inclusivity of new authors and imprints? How do we promote access without compromising quality or ignoring those policies that structure our daily activities? The presenters and the attendees will confront these issues head on and investigate viable alternatives promoting enhanced access. Specifically, we will talk about substitutes for the tried and true methods that most of have been taught and continue to follow.