Committee on Services and Resources for Women



The Committee on Services and Resources for Women (CSRW) is an interdisciplinary group of USM-affiliated individuals interested in women's issues on campus and in the local Hattiesburg community. Since 1984, the CSRW has been active in the promotion of women's issues by coordinating public cultural events and conferences with renowned guest speakers, creating a women’s and gender studies library (a collection of books, media, and other resources), and providing funding for research by faculty and students related to gender and women.

Each year in March, CSRW organizes a Women's History Month Program, which is open to the public. Other CSRW public events have included brownbag-lunch lecture series, public-school book drives, "Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” and other special presentations. As indicators of its success, several programs developed by the committee have moved into the wider university community, including the Women's and Gender Studies Program, a university childcare committee and center, and a literacy outreach program. An important part of our work is to identify issues relevant to women's experiences and work with the university to address them. For more information on the Committee and its activities, please visit CSRW website on the Aquila Digital Community of USM.


CSRW is a group of USM faculty, staff, and students who are committed to serving the community of women both on campus and in our local Hattiesburg area by

  • Identifying needs,
  • Locating resources to meet those needs,
  • Advocating for change.
We will fulfill this mission through education, programming, and networking.


Acting as a liaison between the university and the surrounding communities by

  • Inviting community organizations to participate and attend program events on campus;
  • Sponsoring, promoting , and establishing events such as women's health, "grrrl power," and “Take Your Daughter to Work Day."
  • Ensuring CSRW members are active in community, creating, sponsoring and/or participating in women's experiences.

Acting as a catalyst for improving the status of women on campus by

  • Promoting education related to the status of women by conducting small workshop groups, a listserv, and programming;
  • Creating, sponsoring, and promoting small group(s) related to working mothers, affirmative action, pay issues, and the like;
  • Providing mentoring relationship opportunities for new and established faculty and staff;
  • Compiling a list of current resources available to women on campus.

Providing a stable structure for the committee by

  • Improving organization/management of the committee,
  • Deciding specific criteria for CSRW membership (large or small, volunteer or appointed),
  • Setting appropriate meeting intervals,
  • Communicating our new structure to the Vice President of Student Affairs.


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