Committee on Services and Resources for Women



CSRW is a group of USM faculty, staff, and students who are committed to serving women both within the university and the communities it serves by 1) identifying needs, 2) promoting resources to meet those needs, and 3) acting as a catalyst for improving the status and lives of women. We will fulfill this mission through education, programming, and networking.


1) Identifying needs of women on USM campuses and surrounding communities by

  • Maintaining a regular meeting schedule that facilitates communication about the needs of women locally,
  • Communicating specific criteria for CSRW membership, whether volunteer or appointed, to foster diverse representation of the university,
  • Acting as a liaison between the university and surrounding communities,
  • Inviting CSRW members to be active in the campus and local community by, creating, sponsoring and/or participating in women's experiences to identify needs of women.

2) Promoting resources to meet those identified needs by

  • Maintaining a list of current resources available to women on campus and locally,
  • Sponsoring, promoting, and establishing events that promote women’s interests,
  • Inviting community organizations to participate and attend program events on campus,
  • Communicating our committee’s activities via our websites and social media accounts.

3) Acting as a catalyst for improving the status of women by

  • Advocating for positive change,
  • Promoting education related to the status of women via events, programming, and dissemination of relevant information,
  • Creating, sponsoring, and promoting programming related to working mothers, affirmative action, pay issues, and the like,
  • Providing mentoring relationship opportunities for new and established faculty and staff.


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