The Dale Center for the Study of War & Society at the University of Southern Mississippi serves as a local, national, and international resource for the study of the history of warfare and its influence on both combatants and civilians. Throughout the year, the Dale Center hosts several events that promote and enhance our understanding of military history and how past armed conflicts influenced the societies surrounding them. Dale Center events include the Lt. Col. John H. Dale Sr. Distinguished Lecture Series in International Security and Global Policy, the Richard McCarthy Lecture Series, and the War & Society Roundtable, among others.

In an effort to share these events with a greater audience, especially those who are unable to attend in person, this Dale Center for the Study of War & Society archive will be updated regularly with videos featuring lectures and presentations from our various events. Please check back regularly to see what is new!

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Special Events
Richard McCarthy Lecture Series: Military History
General Buford Blount Professorship Lecture