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Spring 5-2017

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Danilo Mezzadri

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Kim Woolly

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Jacqueline McIlwain

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Joseph Brumbeloe

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Edward Hafer

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Richard Kravchak

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In the second half of the twentieth century, flute teaching in Brazil improved considerably. The immigration of French flutists to Brazil and the exchange programs where Brazilian flutists went to study in France made a significant impact on the flute pedagogy in Brazil. This dissertation traces the influence of the French Flute School in Brazil by presenting the careers of the four most influential flutists living in Brazil today and how they can be traced back to the legendary flutist and teacher Paul Taffanel. Two of these flutists, Odette Ernest Dias and Jean-Nöel Saghaard, are French but moved to Brazil in the second part of the twentieth century to join the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. They performed and taught in distinguished universities and festivals over several decades, perpetuating the teachings of the French Flute School. Furthermore, along with Dias and Saghaard, two Brazilian flutists are presented, Celso Woltzenloegel and Antonio Carrasqueira. Woltzenloegel and Carrasqueira both studied in France with important teachers of the French Flute School and subsequently returned to Brazil to teach at major universities and festivals. Moreover, this research defines the characteristics of the French Flute School and how its development was paralleled in Brazil prior to the influence of these four flutists.

Additionally, a comparison between the first Brazilian flute method, Celso Woltzenloegel’s Método Ilustrado de Flauta, and the important French method, Taffanel-Gaubert’s Méthode Complète de Flûte, is presented as the fundamental evidence of the French influence on Brazilian flute pedagogy.