Date of Award

Spring 2019

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Nicholas Ciraldo

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Mark Malone

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Marcos Machado

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Mark Waymire

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Lawrence Panella

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This study traced the lineage from François Rabbath through his first-generation apprentices to determine how the philosophies and techniques of the Rabbath Method are interpreted and applied by current double bass performers and pedagogues. Participants were identified for the study from a list of all current (N=46) diploma holders of the L’Institute International de Contrabasse François Rabbath (the Institute) made available to the researcher by the President of the Institute, François Rabbath. An e-mail request for study participation was sent to thirty-six performer/pedagogues trained by Rabbath and certified to teach and/or perform from the Method (Rabbathians), yielding twenty-four-responses. Quantitative data garnered from the researcher-designed Rabbath Method Practitioner Survey (RMPS) revealed a majority of Rabbathians display a diverse practice of music performance and pedagogy. A second collection of questions, the Rabbath Method Practitioner Questionnaire (RMPQ), designed to obtain qualitative data reflecting ways the philosophies and techniques contained in the Method are being disseminated and applied through the performance and pedagogy of current Rabbathians, was included. Data suggest that while most Rabbathians apply philosophies, techniques, and pedagogy from the Method, pedagogic terminology is not always used similarly. Responses to open-ended questions revealed how François Rabbath and current Rabbathians view assimilation of the Method into the public-school setting, and the role of improvisation in pedagogic and performance practice, an integral facet of the Method. Data from this study reflect some congruence in philosophy and application of the Method among first-generation Rabbathians.