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Fall 12-1-2020

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Dr. Marcos Machado

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Dr. Joseph Brumbeloe

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Dr. Christopher Goertzen

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Dr. Hsiaopei Lee

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Dr. Stephen Redfield

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Antonio Scontrino (1850-1922) was an important Italian Romantic composer, virtuoso double bassist, and respected pedagogue who is relatively unknown outside of the Italian musical community. His compositional output is prolific and includes string quartets, operas, symphonies, concerti, solo pieces, songs, and religious works. Indeed, Scontrino was a compelling composer who deserves more attention from the international musical community. In addition to his compositional expertise, he was an artful double bass performer whose works for the instrument, while distinctly idiomatic, are compositions of high quality.

This dissertation provides a description of the composer’s life and the events that transpired around Scontrino and his Double Bass Concerto. Such historical background clarifies why the double bass community is not so familiar with this concerto. It also provides insight into the author’s transcription process of the orchestral manuscript of Antonio Scontrino’s Double Bass Concerto, which finally makes an edited and published version of the score and instrument parts available to the public.

Scontrino’s present absence of notoriety as a composer is not for lack of merit, but for historical and socio-political circumstances, which is rather unfortunate for the double bass field. His compositional catalogue, which includes seventeen pieces featuring the double bass as a solo instrument, is rich, varied, and worthy of publication. Future projects will include the transcription and publication of his pieces for double bass that are still in manuscript form.