Date of Award

Winter 10-2021

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Dr. Brad Dufrene

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Dr. Evan Dart

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Committee Member 3

Dr. Joe Olmi

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Committee Member 4

Dr. Sara Jordan

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Disruptive behavior is one of the most prevalent problems in schools, with nearly 50% of all disruptive behavior occurring in non-classroom settings (e.g., cafeteria; Colvin, Sugai, Good, & Lee, 1997). However, the extent to which intervention strategies exist to address these behaviors in these settings is unknown. The purpose of the current study was to conduct a meta-analytic review in order to identify, review, and determine the effectiveness of interventions implemented within the cafeteria setting. Eighteen articles were identified through a comprehensive database search and application of inclusion criteria were included. Overall results determined that interventions implemented in the cafeteria setting are moderately effective (Tau-U= 0.77). The current study analyzed various moderating variables, which include the following: intervention topography, age of participants, intervention targets, interventionist characteristics, the extent in which studies met What Works Clearinghouse standards, and inclusion of treatment integrity data. Limitations and future directions for research are discussed.