Date of Award

Fall 12-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Dr. Christopher Campbell

Committee Chair School


Committee Member 2

Dr. David Davies

Committee Member 2 School


Committee Member 3

Dr. Cheryl Jenkins

Committee Member 3 School


Committee Member 4

Dr. Laura Stengrim

Committee Member 4 School


Committee Member 5

Dr. Fei Xue

Committee Member 5 School



The completion of this dissertation would not have been possible without those who supported me both academically and personally throughout this process.

I would like to thank my dissertation chair and mentor, Dr. Christopher Campbell whose expertise and guidance made this research possible. I would also like to thank my dissertation committee members Dr. David Davies, Dr. Cheryl Jenkins, Dr. Laura Stengrim, and Dr. Fei Xue, for their guidance and advice during the research process, as well as their expertise in the classroom which molded my abilities as a researcher during my time at The University of Southern Mississippi.

I would also like to thank my parents, Barbara and David Shutt, and husband, Taylor W. Kiernan, whose unwavering support and encouragement over the years always gave me the strength and confidence that I needed.