Date of Award

Fall 10-2021

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Ellen Elder

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Although Gonzalo Vidal (1863-1946) is arguably one of the most influential Colombian composers, sadly his music has been forgotten and remains unknown. Unfortunately, little is known about his work as a pianist, composer, teacher, capellmeister, conductor, and even as a writer of prose. Even though Vidal has a vast catalogue of works, the majority of which is piano music, his fame is limited to being known as the composer of the anthem of the department of Antioquia.

The purpose of this document is to focus on Vidal’s last piano compositions, which were a set entitled Suite de la Postguerra [Post-War Suite]. The first chapter of this document will provide biographical background and a review of the socio-cultural environment of Medellín, the city where Vidal lived and worked for sixty-five years. The second chapter of this document will address Vidal’s style of composition, influences, and his relationship with his contemporaries. The third chapter will present an analysis of each of the seven movements of the Suite de la Postguerra. The third chapter will also offer critical notes where differences and possible mistakes in the sources will be discussed.