Date of Award

Spring 3-24-2022

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Dr. H. Quincy Brown

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Dr. Heather M. Annulis

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Committee Member 3

Dr. John J. Kmiec

Committee Member 3 School


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Dr. Dale L. Lunsford

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This study analyzes the current and historical information available, highlighting the issues and considerations, regarding Worship Pastors in conservative evangelical churches and the preparatory work for service offered by theological educational institutions and that which is expected by their prospective employers. Stakeholders for this research are aspiring Worship Pastors, Churches (their prospective employers), and conservative, evangelical theological educational institutions.

In addition to the literature review, this qualitative phenomenological study involved interviews of 15 church Executive Pastors, 1 Pastor, 2 Worship Pastors, and the Director of a professional organization that consults Executive Pastors nationwide. Also examined were current curriculums of 5 regional seminaries. The interviews, additional artifacts, and additional direct observation were analyzed, organized, and evaluated to conclude as beneficial to aspiring Worship Pastors, Churches, and conservative, evangelical theological educational institutions.

Findings indicate that theological institutions benefit aspiring Worship Pastors in the theological, biblical studies, and church history fields while lacking significant educational benefit in the artistic, developmental, motivational, and administrative leadership fields. The study increases the knowledge of those qualities sought by church leadership in order that aspiring Worship Pastors and conservative, evangelical theological educational institutions might consider developing personal or educational programs to address them. Future studies should include churches of more diverse sizes, governance, and theological beliefs.