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Summer 8-2022

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Dr. Danilo Mezzadri

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Dr. Joseph Brumbeloe

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Dr. Christopher Goertzen

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Dr. Galit Kaunitz

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Dr. Jacqueline McIlwain

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The Sonata para Flauta e Piano, T.5, by Brenno Blauth (1931-1993), is a standard of the Brazilian flute repertoire. This document studies its folk and Brazilian popular music elements in order to better understand Blauth’s compositional rationale.

In 1959 Blauth was responsible for the creation of the group Movimento Musical Renovador. Based in Rio de Janeiro, MMR gathered renowned composers and performers with the goal of promoting Brazilian classical music. Chapter III is dedicated to the group’s initiatives, taking its political and cultural contextualization into account.

Chapter IV is dedicated to the study of Blauth’s compositional style shifts between 1958 and 1976. Six works were selected for this purpose: Sonata para Flauta e Piano, T.5 (1958); Quinteto de Sopros No. 1, T.18 (1962); Concertino para Flauta e Cordas, T.21 (1964); Quinteto de Sopros No. 2, T.36 (1969); Enigma, T. 49, for flute and guitar (1974); and Sonatina para Flauta Tranversal/Flauta Dôce Contralto e Piano, T. 57 (1976). The goal is to elucidate his compositional career and to promote his music, which has received more attention in the last decade but remains largely unknown. Some of the works consulted have not yet been published. This work also includes a concise biography.