Date of Award

Fall 12-2022

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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David Lee

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Kyna Shelley

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Noal Cochran

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Richard Mohn

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This study sought to determine if there was a relationship between Mississippi mild/moderate (certification endorsement number 221) special education teachers’ levels of self-efficacy and burnout, as well as to determine which factors influenced self-efficacy and burnout. Teachers from across the state of Mississippi responded to an online questionnaire that collected demographic data, the Teachers’ Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale, and the Teacher Burnout Scale.

The results of the correlation research showed that subscales of Student Engagement and Instructional Strategies are positively correlated. Subscales of Student Engagement and Classroom Management are positively correlated. The Teacher Burnout survey subscale of Coping had a negative correlation with two variables, including Student Engagement and Classroom Management. Student Engagement had a negative correlation with Coping Skills. Coping and Administrative Support are positively correlated.

A multiple regression analysis showed no statistically significant relationship between the independent factors of years of experience, caseload size, and type of degree earned and the independent factors of the Teacher’s Sense of Self-Efficacy subscales. A multiple linear regression analysis showed no statistically significant relationship between the same independent factors and the dependent variable of each of the Teacher Burnout Scale subscales.