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Fall 11-2022

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Joe Olmi

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Brad Dufrene

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Crystal Taylor

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Zachary LaBrot

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While the education system has seen many changes over the years due to COVID-19, one constant is that students must complete independent seatwork at certain times throughout the day. As teachers accommodate the many students in their classroom, an intervention that could increase students’ amount of academic production when doing independent seatwork would be mutually beneficial. For students, the increased contact with learning opportunities would provide the students means to increase fluency for that skill. Examining the effects of segmented and whole worksheets on production would, therefore, create additional learning opportunities.

This study sought to assess the effectiveness of the strategy on academic production using completed problems and digits correct per minute across four conditions including whole worksheets with behavior specific praise, whole worksheets independent of praise, segmented worksheets with behavior specific praise, and segmented worksheets independent of praise using an alternating treatments design with a choice verification condition. Overall, this study did not find any new or consistent effects across the four conditions and four participants. The data did show a slight increase of completed problems when behavior specific praise (O’Handley et al., 2020) and the power of choice (Schmidt et al., 2009) was used, which both intervention components have a long-standing evidence base. The students rated all four conditions as acceptable.

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