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Spring 2023

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Angela Ball

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Adam Clay

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Michael Aderibigbe

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Jameela Lares

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Christopher Foley

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The poems in Time’s Violence came about as efforts to understand our current political moment. In gestalt, the manuscript takes an approach of big-picture anthropological critique to examine these issues, exploring repeated patterns of human behavior and the cultural power of mythmaking, resulting in a collection of political poems which frequently apply tools like received forms and humor to satirize the blindnesses of people and institutions in the United States. As their motivating philosophy, these poems ask their reader for critical thinking through moments of interactivity and implication. They challenge assumptions both inherited and marketed to question our complicity in violence against each other and our planet. Reflecting on the relationship between our human cultural-behavioral tendencies and the problems we face, these poems hope that understanding may lead to amelioration, or at least to a shared sense of responsibility and need for action.

Available for download on Friday, January 01, 2173

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