Date of Award

Fall 12-2023

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Dr. Kyna Shelley

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Committee Member 2

Dr. Lilian Hill

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Committee Member 3

Dr. Thomas Lipscomb

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Committee Member 4

Dr. Thomas O'Brien

Committee Member 4 School



The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate Saudi students’ cultural adaptation while studying at Arizona State University during Spring 2022 academic semester. In addition, the study examines the degree of Saudi students’ academic adaptation and its relationship with cultural adaptation. Moreover, this study examined demographic factors related to students’ cultural adaptation such as students’ gender, past experiences traveling abroad, and length of residency in the U.S. The researcher used both the Sociocultural Adaptation Scale [SCAS] and the Academic Adjustment Scale to examine cultural adaptation of Saudi students. The multiple regression analysis was used to examine the demographic factors while the ordinal regression was used to examine academic adaptation variables and to what extent they are associated with cultural adaptation. The study findings indicated that length of residency in the U.S. was a significant predictor for Saudi students’ cultural adaptation, F (3, 207) = 42.635, p < .001., adj. R2 = .37. indicated a medium size effect. Participants showed more flexibility towards their cultural identity while studying in the U.S. The extent of cultural adaptation to American culture was statistically significant. Saudi students have more awareness of cultural practices issues abroad due to pre- travel cultural orientation programs received. This greatly reduced obstacles Saudi students have faced while studying in the U.S.

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