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Fall 12-7-2023

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Nora Charles

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Randy Arnau

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Dan Capron

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Brad Green

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Substance use remains a relatively prevalent behavior, with alcohol and marijuana being among the most commonly used substances. Various demographic groups demonstrate increased risk for engagement in substance use and misuse. A significant body of research suggests that the gender and sexual minority (GSM) population experiences greater risk of engagement in maladaptive health behaviors, including substance use. Additional research suggests GSM subgroup variations in substance use behaviors, though the extent of those disparities remains understudied. The Minority Stress Model offers a potential explanation for the presence of substance use disparities between GSM subgroups, as some research suggests that subgroups experience minority stress facets to varying extents. The present study aimed to explore GSM subgroup substance use variability as predicted by minority stress experiences. Participation was restricted to adult GSM individuals and participants completed multiple online self-report questionnaires assessing minority stress experiences and substance use behaviors. Results contribute to a greater understanding of the development of substance use behaviors and disparities in a group at increased risk for negative health outcomes. Results also offer considerations for the current applicability of the Minority Stress Model to the GSM population.

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Psychology Commons