Date of Award

Summer 7-2024

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Brad Dufrene

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Joe Olmi

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Zachary LaBrot

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Emily DeFouw

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Alternative school educators are often placed in alternative education settings with minimal training or support to manage disruptive behaviors in the classroom. To combat this, school-based consultation may be provided to assist alternative school educators with classroom management strategies. However, face-to-face consultation may be limited due to the numerous responsibilities placed on school-based consultants. Behavior specific praise (BSP) is a strategy that is recommended, but often provided at low rates. To address these barriers, previous literature has examined the use of emailed prompts to increase treatment integrity, feasibility, and acceptability of a variety of evidence-based interventions. A concurrent multiple baseline design across three participants was implemented to assess the social validity and effectiveness of an emailed prompts intervention on alternative school educators’ rates of BSP and corrective statements. Additionally, to investigate alternative school educators’ behavior resulted in improved class wide behavior. Results indicated that all three alternative school educators’ rates of BSP increased and corrective statements decreased with minimal impact on class wide behavior. Results maintained for two of the three participants. Limitations and future directions are discussed.