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Summer 7-2023

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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John Wooton

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Edward Hafer

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Joe Brumbeloe

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Jay Dean

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Nicholas Ciraldo

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This dissertation examines the methods and approaches used by Argentine percussionist Mr. Sebastian Hoyos to incorporate rudimental drumming into the composition Soy de Salta: Suite para percusión criolla y orquesta. The study demonstrates the steps taken to employ Argentinian folk music content through four folk styles: Baguala, Zamba, Chacarera, and Carnavalito. The bombo legüero, one of Argentina's most well-known and essential folk percussion instruments, plays a supportive and dominant role in Soy de Salta, introducing rudimental components into the music. This original research therefore addresses rudiments, variations of rudiments, and simple and complex writing styles for the snare drum and bombo legüero. It also examines the percussion's typical role in each style by revealing its most well-known patterns and alternatives. Many alternatives include incorporating subtle or drastic changes to the instrument's part, visual enhancements, syncopation, and commonly used rudimental drumming techniques. This research presents a viewpoint of how rudimental drumming coexists with the folk drum and culture of Argentine music.