Date of Award

Summer 5-2023

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Melanie Leuty

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Bonnie Nicholson

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Emily Yowell

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Austen Anderson

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A large body of literature has explored the beneficial impact of adopting a growth mindset and its relationship with academic performance. While the literature has provided many valuable findings as it pertains to academic settings, there is a gap in understanding growth mindset’s influence in the workplace as well as understanding if growth mindset’s effect is different for individuals who come from marginalized communities. This study aimed to close the gap by investigating if growth mindset is a predictor of higher work engagement in working professionals. Findings indicated that growth mindset is not a predictor of work engagement among working professionals. Career optimism and career adaptability also did not mediate the relationship between growth mindset and work engagement. Racial identity was also not found to moderate the effect growth mindset has on work engagement. However, results did show that growth mindset predicted career optimism and career adaptability predicted work engagement among working professionals. Implications and future directions are discussed.