Date of Award

Summer 8-2017

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Keith Radley

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Daniel Tingstrom

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Brad Dufrene

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Evan Dart

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The present study was designed to replicate and extend the literature on the intervention package, On-Task in a Box, as a class-wide intervention to increase on-task behavior and decrease disruptive behavior. A second purpose of the study was to evaluate the effects of the intervention on students’ academic performance. The On-Task in a Box intervention utilized video modeling to train students on how to engage in on-task behavior, as well as how to self-monitor their behavior. Additionally, the intervention included students self-monitoring their on-task behavior using self-recording forms. Depending on select students’ percentage of on-task behavior on the self-recording forms, reinforcement was provided through a group contingency. The effects of the intervention were determined through a multiple baseline design across three elementary school classrooms (1st and 2nd grade). Target students were identified to determine the effects of the class-wide intervention on individual students. Data were collected on class-wide and target students’ on-task and disruptive behavior and class-wide and target students’ academic productivity and accuracy. Results indicated the On-Task in a Box intervention was effective at increasing on-task behavior and decreasing disruptive behavior. However, no differences in academic performance were found. Furthermore, teachers and target students found the intervention to be acceptable and effective for improving behavior.