Date of Award

Spring 5-2013

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Janie Butts

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James T. Johnson

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Bonnie Harbaugh

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Sheila Davis

Committee Member 4 Department


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Kay S. Lundy

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Workplace bullying (WPB) is a social and organizational problem. Within the health care arena, employees, particularly registered nurses, are at risk. WPB has several adverse effects and has been cited in the literature as closely associated with burnout and nurses leaving their positions. This quantitative study examined workplace bullying among practicing registered and its relationship with burnout and nurses’ intent to leave their current position.

The surveys utilized were the Negative Acts Questionnaires-Revised (NAQ-R), Maslach Burnout Inventory Survey, Intention to Turnover Scale and a demographic survey. Of the surveys distributed, a total of 185 were returned from one selected hospital in a southeastern state. As part of analyzing the quantitative results, SPSS program version 17 was used. Multiple regressions was used to determine the relationship between the perceptions of WPB among nurses, burnout and intent to leave, as well as WPB and the variables age, race, gender, level of education and years of experience. Based on the research findings, WPB has a significant relationship with the demographic variable gender, likewise with burnout and intent to leave.