Date of Award

Fall 12-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Nina McLain

Committee Chair School

Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice

Committee Member 2

Dr. Stephanie Parks

Committee Member 2 School

Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice

Committee Member 3

Dr. Michong Rayborn

Committee Member 3 School

Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice


A pneumothorax is a complication that can result from skills performed by anesthesia providers. Prompt recognition can be achieved by the use of an ultrasound and can potentially improve patient outcomes. At The University of Southern Mississippi’s (USM) Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP), no current objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) for detecting a pneumothorax by point of care ultrasound (POCUS) exists. USM’s NAP recognized the need for an evidence-based OSCE for the detection of pneumothorax with POCUS. The gap in knowledge prompted the development of the demonstrational video and OSCE template to potentially increase student confidence in the clinical setting.

The OSCE template, video, and best practice guidelines were developed using evidence-based research. A survey was sent to certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) at USM-affiliated clinical sites, first, second, and third-year student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNA), and NAP faculty. The participants were provided with a consent form, the OSCE template, a video, and a questionnaire. Of the 45 responses, the quantitative and qualitative data concluded that all participants agreed that the OSCE could potentially increase student confidence. Based on the results of the survey, the authors recommend that the OSCE be incorporated into the USM NAP curriculum.