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Summer 7-28-2023

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Dr. Alexander Russakovsky

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Dr. Joseph Brumbeloe

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Dr. Marcos Machado

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Dr. Joseph Jones

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Dr. Nicholas Ciraldo

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Dong Qing Fang (b. 1981) is a prolific composer of cello music. His contribution includes twenty compositions, many of which have been performed around the world.[1] While Fang is the most famous composer in China as well as a leading figure of recent music, his compositions have not been recognized world-wide. This project focuses on his representative cello composition Lin Chong (2009). Lin Chong is a significant character in Chinese literature, known for his role in the classic novel, Water Margin (1524). Fang's musical portrayal of Lin Chong's life incorporates elements of Chinese traditional music.

The methodology for this research comprises interviews with Dong Qing Fang, related literature reviews, analysis of Lin Chong, and a review of published articles about Lin Chong by two authors.[2] The interview with Fang provides valuable insights into his composition process, inspiration, and goals. Reviewing literature related to Lin Chong will assist in recognizing the concepts Fang has employed. This research contains a detailed analysis of Fang's composition, including the background, musical interpretation, compositional techniques, and Chinese traditional music elements. Lastly, the two published articles about Lin Chong by Di and Guan provide additional insights into his work and may help identify new exploration, thereby offering different perspectives on this project.

The research aims to introduce Lin Chongto a broader cello community. This valuable addition to a performers’ repertoire collection provides an opportunity to gain exposure to Chinese literature. Furthermore, the importance of promoting works from underrepresented composers cannot be overstated. By recognizing and performing Fang's compositions, the author hopes to inspire others to explore lesser-known works and composers from various backgrounds. This project aspires to contribute to a more diverse music community that celebrates and promotes all musicians.

[1]Dong, Qingfang. “Chinese composer and photographer – Dong, Qingfang.” Baidu Baike. Accessed May 26, 2023. 5y8sfHBg-Y18FdExwzK4o44mvz436VAHaXEMn1Z5xismDlrqCVRzO2gn-A-qmE-k-dG9jWB10uBQXii O.

[2] Di, “The Analysis of Music and Performance of Fang Dongqing’s cello Lin Chong.” 5-15. Ibid., “Cong Fang Dongqing datiqin zuopin tan zhongguo dangdai datiqin datiqin zuopin De fazhan,” [The Development of Chinese Contemporary Cello Works from the Works of Fang Ddongqing], 183-185.

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