Date of Award

Fall 12-2016

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Committee Chair

Dr. Marjorie Geisz-Everson

Committee Chair Department


Committee Member 2

Dr. Bonnie Harbaugh

Committee Member 2 Department


Committee Member 3

Dr. Cathy Hughes

Committee Member 3 Department



Facilities in the United States are utilizing electronic communication devices (ECDs) for their nursing staff on intensive care units, general medical-surgical floors, and chemotherapy floors, but it is underutilized in the operating room where seconds truly matter (Wu et al., 2012). Situations arise daily within operating rooms that require quick and decisive communication to avoid poor patient outcomes. The ultimate goal is to prevent poor patient outcomes by enhancing communication among anesthesia providers.

This doctoral project evaluated an anesthesia group in southeast Mississippi regarding their satisfaction with current devices used for communication. This anesthesia group utilized smart phones and public announcement systems. Surveys were administered to the anesthesia providers resulting in 33 participants answering five questions regarding current practice and their willingness to accept a practice change. Results showed that 54.5% of participants were satisfied with the current level of communication among anesthesia providers. Additional results showed that 85% of participants were willing to accept new information regarding the advances in electronic communication as well as 79% willing to accept a practice change.