Crystal Structure of Diaquabis(7-diethylamino-3-formyl-2-oxo-2H-chromen-4-olato-K2O3,O4)-zinc(II) Dimethyl Sulfoxide Disolvate

Aaron B. Davis, University of Southern Mississippi
Frank R. Fronczek, Louisiana State University
Karl J. Wallace, University of Southern Mississippi

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The structure of the title coordination complex, [Zn(C14H14NO4)2(H2O)2]·2C2H6OS, shows that the ZnII cation adopts an octa­hedral geometry and lies on an inversion center. Two organic ligands occupy the equatorial positions of the coordination sphere, forming a chelate ring motif via the O atom on the formyl group and another O atom of the carbonyl group (a pseudo-β-diketone motif). Two water mol­ecules occupy the remaining coordination sites of the ZnII cation in the axial positions. The water mol­ecules are each hydrogen bonded to a single dimethyl sulfoxide mol­ecule that has been entrapped in the crystal lattice.