Green Hybrid Composites From Cellulose Nanocrystal

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Polymers and High Performance Materials


Cellulose is the most abundant renewable polymer in nature. The hierarchical organization of natural plant fibers allows the extraction of nanoscale highly crystalline core fraction of cellulosic microfibrils known as cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs). There have been an increasing number of research and development efforts in both industrial and scientific communities to study the properties and characteristics of CNC especially in polymer composite materials with the aim of improving various structural and mechanical properties, as well as, developing novel functional materials using the CNCs as building blocks. This chapter provides a review on various aspects of these novel materials that include preparation, extraction method, and surface modification techniques of CNC, as well as, polymer/CNC interfacial considerations, processing methods, and properties such as mechanical, thermal, rheological, and gas barrier performance.

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Hybrid Polymer Composite Materials

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