Reframing Campus Climate Data to Advocate for Institutional Transformation, Praxis, and Activism for LGBQQ+ College Students

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Educational Leadership and School Counseling


In this chapter, Hoffman and Pryor use SERU data to show how LGBQQ+ students perceive campus climate and propose ways scholars and practitioners might reframe these data to advocate for institutional transformation and imagine new ways of being for LGBQQ+ students. The authors use the traditionally heterogendered institution critical conceptual framework to show how a reliance on institutions as the solutions to LGBQQ+ students’ problems may, in fact, constrain ways of being for students and inadvertently uphold existing hierarchies of gender and sexuality. We advocate for scholars and practitioners to use campus climate data to push for institutional transformation, improve praxis, and create avenues for activism that extend beyond the walls of the institution.

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Evaluating Campus Climate at US Research Universities

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