The Perfect Technology: Radio and Mobility

Jonathan P. Pluskota, University of Southern Mississippi


Radio is at a critical juncture in terms of its listeners and future as a viable medium. As the Baby Boomer generation fades away and is replaced by the Millennial Generation and soon, Generation Z, the broadcast radio industry must rethink its place in the market and make a concentrated effort to remain competitive. To remain competitive, it must consider itself to be part of a broader Media Listening Experience (MLE) comprised of streaming, podcast, and satellite listening options. In doing so, the radio industry needs to consider changing its model to one that can compete with other listening options, particularly in regard to listening choices, customization, and access. If radio can strategically redefine itself as both an industry and technology, and flex its strength as a democratic medium available to all, listenership will increase and radio, as one of the original forms of mass media, will thrive.