A New Resilience Measure for Supply Networks With the Ripple Effect Considerations: A Bayesian Network Approach

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Human Capital Development


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This is the first study that presents a supply chain (SC) resilience measure with the ripple effect considerations including both disruption and recovery stages. SCs have become more prone to disruptions due to their complexity and strategic outsourcing. While development of resilient SC designs is desirable and indeed critical to withstand the disruptions, exploiting the resilience capabilities to achieve the target performance outcomes through effective recovery is becoming increasingly important. More adversely, resilience assessment in multi-stage SCs is particularly challenged by consideration of disruption propagation and its associated impact known as the ripple effect. We theorize a new measure to quantify the resilience of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with a multi-stage assessment of suppliers’ proneness to disruptions and the SC exposure to the ripple effect. We examine and test the developed notion of SC resilience as a function of supplier vulnerability and recoverability using a Bayesian network and considering disruption propagation using a real-life case-study in car manufacturing. The findings suggest that our model can be of value for OEMs to identify the resilience level of their most important suppliers based on forming a quadrant plot in terms of supplier importance and resilience. Our approach can be used by managers to identify the disruption profiles in the supply base and associated SC performance degradation due to the ripple effect. Our method explicitly allows to uncover latent, high-risk suppliers to develop recommendations to control the ripple effect. Utilizing the outcomes of this research can support the design of resilient supply networks with a large number of suppliers: critical suppliers with low resilience can be identified and developed.

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Annals of Operation Research

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