Effect of Low-Temperature Annealing On Void-Related Microstructure In Amorphous Silicon: A Computational Study

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We present a computational study of void-induced microstructure in amorphous silicon (a-Si) by generating ultra-large models of a-Si with a void-volume fraction of 0.3%, as observed in small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments. The relationship between the morphology of voids and the intensity of scattering in SAXS has been studied by computing the latter from the Fourier transform of the reduced pair-correlation function and the atomic-form factor of amorphous silicon. The effect of low-temperature annealing on scattering intensities and the microstructure of voids has been addressed, with particular emphasis on the shape and size of voids, by studying atomic rearrangements on void surfaces and computing the average radius of gyration of the voids from the spatial distribution of surface atoms and the intensity plots in the Guinier approximation. The study suggests that low-temperature annealing can lead to considerable restructuring of void surfaces, which is clearly visible from the three-dimensional shape of the voids but it may not necessarily reflect in one-dimensional scattering-intensity plots.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series



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