Development of a Methodology for Preparing Performance Standards for Operation and Maintenance Activities At Corps of Engineers Recreation Areas

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The quantity and quality of operation and maintenance (O&A) activity at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Projects can be significantly increased through systematic application of work performance standards. This report identifies and evaluates criteria for preparing operation and maintenance standards. Existing Corps procedures, those used by other agencies, and potentially useful new procedures are evaluated and incorporated into recommended procedures.

A methodology described and illustrated for ]local preparation of O&M standards. Supporting rationale and optional techniques and sources of information are suggested for completing components of individual O&N standards. Example standards, developed from surveillance of maintenance activities at Corps projects, are illustrated. A quality control plan is recomended for assuring that O&M activities performed by contractors adhere to Corps-established criteria. Performance inspections, time frames of inspections, and identification of personnel to perform inspections are discussed. Options are examined for recouping costs of unsatisfactorily completed work. Recommendations are given for implementing a standards program and furthering the Corps' research on this topic.

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