Electric Field-Induced Assembly and Alignment of Silver-Coated Cellulose for Polymer Composite Films With Enhanced Dielectric Permittivity and Anisotropic Light

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Polymer Science and Engineering


Multifarious wearable electronics with flexible touch screens have been invented for extensive outdoor activities. One challenge associated with these wearable electronics is the development of materials with both high dielectric permittivity and anisotropic light transmission, which is responsible for high touch sensitivity and screen peep-proof protection, respectively. Herein, we demonstrated a scalable approach for assembling and aligning anisotropic cellulose in a polymer matrix through the thickness direction via the assistance of an electric field to address this challenge. The alignment of silver-coated fibrillated celluloses in the polymer matrix not only significantly increases dielectric permittivity but also effectively enhances optical anisotropy. The impact of alignment degree and filler content on the dielectric and optical properties of polymer composite films has been systematically studied. The kinetics and aligning mechanisms of silver-coated fibrillated celluloses are revealed by in situ optical microscope images while an electric field is applied. We believe that this study provides a facile strategy to enhance both dielectric permittivity and optical anisotropy of polymer composite films by the alignment of embedding nanoparticles via an AC electric field, which is essential for future flexible electronics and display technology.

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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces





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