Assessing Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Sports Complex In a Small US Country

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Due to the high demand for various forms of sports tourism, destinations have used sports-related events to attract more tourists to boost the regional economy. This study examines economic impacts (EIs) and fiscal impacts of the sports complex in a small county, and further verifies that its economic and fiscal impacts are of significance. Depending on a low or high demand scenario, approximately US$10.5 or 15 million in revenue supported 703 or 919 jobs (direct) in the impact area, with value added US$12.6 or 18.1 million, respectively. More specifically, an additional 66 or 90 indirect and 53 or 76 induced jobs were created with an impact of US$3.4 or 4.8 million. In total, the sports complex can support substantial employment (822 or 1085 jobs) and EIs (US$42 or 61 million) annually for the impact area. Lastly, US$336,000 or 443,000 in fiscal impacts was also generated.

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Tourism Economics

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