Turkish Football Fans' Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Crime Prevention Measures

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This study explores how Turkish fans perceive and interpret crime prevention techniques in the context of football-related crime, with a particular focus on those that are reflective of situational crime prevention. Perspectives regarding relevant techniques are revealed through semi-structured interviews conducted with representatives of Fenerbahçe fan groups, one of Turkey's major clubs. Using Fenerbahçe as a case study, multiple and complex social realities regarding the attitude and reaction of fans towards football-related crime control in Turkey are explained, and the core principles of situational techniques likely to improve fans' perceptions are detailed. The paper highlights the importance of soliciting the views of those potentially impacted by interventions and establishing consensus in the Turkish-football context prior to implementation as certain techniques perceived as unjust can be problematic. A strategy that assumes fan groups are part of the solution rather than the problem is suggested to increase the legitimacy of potential interventions.

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International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice



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