Exploring Self-Determination and Recreational Sports Participation for Adolescents With Disabilities: A Preliminary Report

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Kinesiology and Nutrition


Self-determination is a vital skill for individuals with disabilities and provides significant benefits, like more positive adult outcomes and greater qualities of life. Recreational sports participation is another fundamental aspect of life for individuals with disabilities, as it leads to increased physical activity, enhanced self-esteem, and improved peer acceptance. Despite these benefits, few studies examine the relationship between self-determination and recreational sports participation for individuals with disabilities. This study used questionnaires, interviews, and observations to provide a preliminary exploration of intersections of self-determination and recreational sports participation for adolescents with disabilities. The descriptive analyses supported the categories and themes derived from qualitative analyses indicating self-determination coaching combined with action plans improved student self-determination. Future research should seek to enhance the present study’s generalisability and expand the findings to provide models for infusing self-determined learning opportunities within recreational sports for adolescents with disabilities.

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International Journal of Disability, Development, and Education

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